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The images used in the RoomVision program are digital representations of actual granites. The appearance and color of the products may vary depending on your system. We recommend that you view the actual product samples with one of our representatives.


Granite is an excellent counter top material, and it is enormously popular for use in today's kitchens. Granite counter tops will work with virtually any style or color cabinet you choose. Whether installed as a slab or as tiles, granite is elegant and durable. Each piece of granite used for your counter top is unique in texture and veining, and it can enhance your kitchen like a piece of fine art. Granite is a beautiful, quarried stone composed of quartz, mica, feldspar, and other minerals which give it a crystalline appearance and feel. It is available in a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from green, gold, and brown to mauve, black, and white. Some kinds of granite are chosen specifically for their veining. Because each piece of granite has different vein characteristics, you should hand-select the pieces you want for your counter tops. In selecting your granite, consider whether the counter tops should be a kitchen focal point or blend with the cabinetry. Granite is available with polished, honed, brushed, or flamed surface finishes. A polished, glossy finish brings out the full character and color of the stone while a honed, satin finish has little gloss. A brushed granite finish is created with a coarse wire brush, while a flamed, thermal finish is roughened by intense heat to expose the actual stone grains. Granite is a hard, long-lasting, counter top material which resists scratches, cuts, and scorching heat, but it should be sealed to avoid stains. However, even with all its excellent performance features, remember that granite is a stone surface. A glass or a china plate dropped on granite will break.